As innovative as the technologies he uses, in love with experimenting and having never enough of it, Andreino is a dj, a producer, an artist.
The dj booth is his hyper technological laboratory where he, as some sort of cyber-alchemist manipulates sounds, mixing originality, rhythm and improvisation and
transferring to the dance floor the million possibilities that the latest arrangement softwares offer: new and stunning melodies that are enriched by vibrant and hypnotic effects.

The recording studio is completed with a laptop and it transforms the activity of the dj in a continuous live set, generating unique and exclusive performances that are never simple repetition of pre packed sounds.

Inspired by the liberating seduction of the house from the 80’s, Andreino starts his career as a dj together with Sandro Russo founding M.A.S. Collective and producing such tracks as Moving on, and later on, Another Story, which are two the best results of that productive collaboration that was enriched by the precious contribution of Ce Ce Rogers’s voice, whose interpretation added dense emotionalism and passion to the tracks with his gospel like twist.

The collective is eagerly looking for references, personalization and mixes of genres that are always one step in advance to the latest emerging trends.
They look at the United States, and there, their career has a boost: Strictly Rhythm asks them to create some tracks in 199

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