Antonio Ferrari, aka Dj Ralf, was born in Italy in 1957, and has been a nightclubbing icon since 1987. His skill comes from the inspiration he found in rock music and from the years he spent behind the decks as a DJ in his hometown of Perugia, where he was known as “ Lacugnana “, “ Story Teller “ and “ Norman the President.“

He played at innovative clubs in which he was able to freely mix different genres together and appeal to a large cross section of people. The sets he played at clubs in Perugia represent the first major step of his artistic and musical development. Club culture was vital in the late ‘80s, and Perugia had an intense nightclub scene, in part thanks to the students who attended the city’s university.

In 1987 Antonio Ferrari decided to take a trip to New York City, in order to experience the rich culture of fashion, music and art that the city was, and is, renowned for. In ’87 New York was reeling from the twin effects of hip-hop and house (or garage as some heads in New York and New Jersey like to call it) and the music coming out of the city was impacting the entire globe. This visit to the Big Apple proved to be the second significant step in Antonio’s career. The music in NY’s clubs inspired him to start a party back home that was primarily focused on the innovative house music coming out of his native Italy.

Since then he has remained a key element of the I

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