Dario Lotti

Dario Lotti starts his artistic career as a dj in 1982 in one of the most important club of his town, Lecce, The Mirage. He played in many clubs near his town till 1985 when he starts to do his first experiences ” new wave ” around Italy. After to work one’s way up and after played everything in 1987 finally he joined house music and he became resident dj at “X” dance club a very famous disco at the end of 80s in the south of Italy.

In 1997 borned Guendalina project of whom he is the only and historical resident dj. The most important clubs where he worked:
Velvet(San Diego CA), Motor Lounge(Detroit USA), Club128(Toledo USA), Nikki Beach(Miami USA), Club 320(Miami USA) , Elevations(Cincinnati USA) , Tito’s(Palma de Mallorca ESP), Q Club(Zurich-CH), Diams Club(Sion-CH), D!Club(Losanna-CH), Nobody’s Perfect@Tenax(Firenze), Plastic(Milano), Vanity(Torino) Prince/Pascià(Riccione), Matis/Kinki/Chalet delle Rose(Bologna), Piper(Roma), Angels of Love(Napoli), Divinae Follie(Bari).

In 1993 borned his first production ” DAX inc ” -Be Ya Fool on the Italian label Marcon Music. In 2000 borned the record project JACK IN THE CITY together with Guido Nemola.

1993 DAX Inc – Be Ya Fool (Marcon music)
1994 Dax – Jumpin (white)
1996 Dax – Concept (Strictly Rhythm)

1997 Dax – Concept (Airplane US)
2000 Jack in the city – Jupiter (Loud Bit)
2000 Jack in the city – Jupiter (Kinki Compilation, Loud Beat)
2000 Jack in the city – Jupiter (Ibiza House Compilation, Loud Beat)
2001 Jack in the city – Juwaka (Loud Bit)
2001 Dax & Jam – Bamboo bar (Sound 4 Group) 2001 Dax & Jam – Bamboo bar (Suntribe Vol. 1 EP, Italian Communication)
2002 A.M. & D.L. – The Tribal Sound of South of Italy (V.O.T.U. Rec.)