Markus Fix

Everything has started for Markus Fix with a gift of his brother in 1992, a Behringer 3 canal mixer. Kraftwerk, Yello and Off belonged to the artists who opened his creativity and his ears for the electronic dance music. In 1994 he visited for the first time the Omen in Frankfurt where Sven Väth, DJ Dag and Frank Lorber this did what DJ’s for one good evening have to act. Two years later he put into action his won inspirations, in the end, in the decks. In 2000 Markus and two DJ’s friends founded the “project 2000″ and started in parallel as Resident in the Frankfurt stage bar “helium”. Appearances followed in different Locations as well as a much notable residence in the U60311 where he left especially free run to his musical passion. His music style changed, however, the tacts stayed the same. At the moment are labels in his record-suitcase like Perlon, raummusik and Tuning Spork. Up to 2004 Markus Fix visited the clubs in Frankfurt still under the pseudonym ” J.R.Fix junior “. Meanwhile Markus played with the top Dj´s DJ T., Tiefschwarz, Dominik Eulberg, Loco Dice, Tobi Neumann, Ewan Pearson, Martin Landsky, Dinky, Troy Pierce, Vera, Dorian Paic, Chris Titjen and many more. By the creation of the musical eventful evenings, he created it also far beyond the Rhein Main area and present his elegant combination of Deephouse, Techhouse and minimal-techno. Gigs in famous clubs like the Robert-Johnson in Offenbach, the

Airport in Würzburg or the Room 106 in Darmstadt, as well as the Kinzo or Deep in Berlin, are no more rarity. Markus Fix is active in variously regard in the Frankfurter scene. While he acted with the event agency ” Rich and Famous ” as a booker, he put into action for example the Open Air ” Karotte und sein feines Gemüse” . Furthermore he is one divide from the DJ duet ” Fix und Fertig “, which since beginning of 2004 in the clubs of Germany At August 2004, Markus Fix was taken up by his fascinating sound and by his rising local popularity in the cult club Monza as Resident.